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Exhibition Week 4, 10-14 August

Formative Assessment Proposal, Location


Proposal completed via Zoom team meeting and Izzy and Victoria presented it at the Tuesday class along with 30 others!


Location, location, location!

Lee announced the Observation gallery is offering space for Massey students during the exhibition week and hoping to find a group that will reference the theme of astronomy and the history of the building. Izzy has emailed Lee to see if we can be considered for this location.

This could really suit our group proposal theme of Perception vs Perspective. We could re-envisage our artworks through the lens of astronomy (e.g.milky way galaxy, earth-bound, nature, mythology, cosmology) and consider using the art space with reference to this theme e.g. ceiling = heavens/sky; floor = earth; walls = constellations

Izzy's large charcoal drawing of tree roots could talk to the Maori creation myth of Tane (Guardian of forest) separating Rangi (sky father) and Papatuanuku (earth mother). It could be curated like this work on the right of Rozana Lee (Art New Zealand).

Brenna's collage of detailed dog drawings could discuss Canis Major (big dog star) and Canis Minor (smaller dog star). These stars sit on either side of the milky way arm and were important markers of the Nile inundations for ancient Egyptians. It could be curated by hanging two collages (one big and the other smaller) in opposing corners of the room. Seen this technique used in Dowse where 2 sculptures face each other from opposing sides of the room. It activates the space between.

Victoria's photography could reference the Cygnus constellation in the northern sky, also known as the Swan constellation. It is associated with the myth of Zeus and Leda in Greek mythology. Or more in keeping with fear of birds is the story of Prometheus (constellation/star) who Zeus tied to a rock in the sky and every day an eagle devours his liver which grows back that night only to be devoured again the next day

Suzy's sculpture of Cicada shells with gold-leaf shaped in the form of a Mastaba (ancient Egyptian eternal burial structure) represents the life-giving sun Osiris and humanity's desire for divination. To the Egyptians, the cicada golden beetles were symbols of their sun god rolling the sun across the sky. They also represented resurrection and the soul as they emerged from the ground and flew away.


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