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Suzy Costello

Eastbourne, Lower Hutt, New Zealand


I live in Aotearoa New Zealand on the eastern edge of Te Whanganui-a-Tara  surrounded by beech-forested hills, the sea and family.


The significance of place, space and site is at the heart of my artmaking practice. It is where I live, have raised my family, and I feel a deep affinity and respect towards this place of mountains, forest, and sea. I hope my art practice can give voice to this place.

I am interested in exploring the dynamic quality of space, where our movements and memories are experienced in a non-linear relational way. This has led to a curiosity about the interrelationship between place, memory and identity; human and non-human living forms; and art and science. It has also asked me to examine how I, as Pakeha, belong in this land.

How do we attend to human and non-human living forms, and what more do we need to know before we change how we live in the world?  These are important questions to guide my art practice. 

Art's ability to focus on inner feeling, creative problem solving and new interpretations of understanding the world we live in has given me a deeper appreciation of the value of art to society. 


Climate change and the environmental damage caused by global overpopulation and unsustainable economic practices is an urgent issue facing us all and I wonder how this might be brought into focus in my artmaking practice?


If you would like to receive notice of future exhibitions or contact me please send an email and I will aim to respond within 3 working days.

Thanks, Suzy

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2021-22  Masters in Fine Arts
Massey University

2020  Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts (with distinction) Massey University

2019  Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts (with distinction) Massey University

2017-18  Advanced Diploma Art & Creativity
                  The Learning Connexion
2014-16  Diploma Honours Art & Creativity

                   The Learning Connexion

2010-15  Betsy Kramer

2007-10  Mary Archibald



2021   Finalist Richard T Nelson Awards

2018   Finalist NZAS Emergent Artist
           Finalist Wellington Regional Art

2017    Janet Law Scholarship, TLC

2014   Muriel Hopper 3-d Art Award


2022 Exposure Exhibition MFA

2021 NZ Art Show
Studio Toru Gallery

2020 Exposure Exhibition

Observing the Absurd

Humbugga Exhibition

2019 Awagami Internation Miniature Print Exhibition, Japan
Muriel Hopper Hutt Art Awards

New Zealand Art Show

2018   LIFELike Japan Festival

           Taranaki National Art Show

           New Zealand Art Show
           Wellington Regional Art Show

           Muriel Hopper Hutt Art Show
2017   New Zealand Art Show
           Muriel Hopper Hutt Art Awards

2016   New Zealand Art Show

           Railway Street  Studios

           Muriel Hopper Hutt Art Awards

           Artists in Eastbourne

2015   Muriel Hopper Hutt Art Awards

           Eastbourne Artists

2014   Muriel Hopper Hutt Art Awards

           Wellington Regional Art Awards



Thanks to The Learning Connexion

and the Janet Law Charitable Trust



              Sue Allman for all her fabulous photos
             Richard Mayston for his bird photos
Wayne Churcher for installation photos
Peter Miles for assistance with cicada images

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