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River Series : monotype and screenprint (2023

As part of NZ Print Council's Postcard Penpal Collaborative Project participants are assigned to groups of three Aotearoa printers so we can make prints for each other. It's a great way to meet and respond to other artists. The first two prints describe the rivers where my penpals live, Gisbourne and Palmerston North. (NIWA has stunning geological information about Aotearoa.)

Colour Blocks : monotypes (2020) 

Here I'm looking at raw earth colours again to see if I can create a shift pattern. I particularly like the texture of the ink on paper which is a result of trial and many-errors on the Massey printing press I was getting to know.

Permutations and Combinations : risograph (2019) 

During the Print Book course at Massey we made zines, small magazines for mass distribution. They have a fascinating folding pattern that divides the A4 page into 8 sections which are then folded to create the book-like structure.


Using four zine books, I drew different connecting lines flowing through each. I then unfolded the paper, and using the risograph machine (which has to be the quickest way to create multiple prints ever), printed each book layer a different colour onto one paper. I played around with the layering patterns to create multiple permutations and combinations.  They are a little bit of a mind shift and the smudges are caused by the risograph drum picking up drawing marks on the folds of the zine book which I have chosen to retain.

Yellow and White Series : monoprint (2018)

Maintaining the same ratio of white and yellow in each print it is interesting how different each work is. 

Series of Lines with Circles, Squares and Triangles : screenprints (2018)

These screenprints are in response to Gordon Walters' iconic Koru series.  His "lines with circles" are extended into lines with squares and triangles and the shapes placed above and below the line.  Walters' figure/ground shift is continued both vertically and horizontally and an additional shifting of the sign is introduced.

Raw Earth Series : monoprint, screenprint and collograph (2018)

The Advanced Diploma at The Learning Connexion encourages exploration of materiality and process.  Here are some examples investigating raw earth pigments and how far the pigments can be pushed and distorted.

Process Art Series : monoprints (2017)

Breaking away from clean, tidy and colourful, these black and white prints are my first investigations into process art - an art movement that emphasizes the “process” of making art (rather than any predetermined composition or plan) and the concepts of change and transience.

Coloured Block Series : monoprints using Akua inks (2017)

This series celebrates colour mixing.  No matter how many times I mix primary colours it is always a delight to discover the shades of secondary colours that appear.  The Akua inks used have a wonderful intensity of pigment.

Japanese Lithography Series : 4 colour polyester plate (2017)

Ten years on from a trip to Japan, I thought it would be nice to present my husband with a book of images from his holiday photographs.  Using 4-colour polyester plate lithography, Flint oil inks, Japanese silk Kozo paper and help from TLC tutor, Marci Tackett, it is completed and compiled in the Japanese bookbinding technique....phew!

Hutt River Series in the style of Japanese Ukiyo-e (2016)

As a child I was drawn into the world of Japanese Ukiyo-e prints. They seemed to hold an immediacy, as if you could stand beside the artist and experience being in the landscape. The colours and treatment of fore, mid and background also captivated me. When starting at The Learning Connexion I stumbled upon the printmaking department and was hooked.


This is the beginning of my attempt to describe the Hutt River as it runs from Kaitoke into Wellington Harbour, New Zealand. Medium is monoprints and drypoint on Fabriano paper and Akua inks.

Saluting the Sun : screenprints on fabric (2016)

These screenprints celebrate Our Sun; a pretty central figure in all our lives.  Images of the sun's magnetic field and solar flares have been used with the help of photo emulsion. Printed on 100% cotton fabric.

Screenprints of Sculptures (2015)

These simple screenprints are the beginning of my printmaking journey, started under the wonderful guidance of Marci and Basia while at The Learning Connexion - I was captivated by this medium. These are representations of some of my early bronze sculptures.

Portraiture drawings : pencil and crayon on paper (2016)

While not prints I thought you might like some good old-fashioned drawings.

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