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Art Studio, Week 8 14-18 Sept

Updated: Sep 17

Making artwork for Exposure (clay pots and debarking trunks), Artist talk, talk with Shannon Te Ao.


The artwork will consist of a floor piece in 3 parts that speak to the life cycle of the cicada: pohutukawa stamen indicating summertime; small clay pots that are coated with a slip made from the clay the cicada nymphs lived in; and pohutukawa bark and cicada shells sourced from the type of tree the shells were collected from.

(i) Clay Pots

Nymphs live underground for 2-3 year, creating a cavity in the soil beside a tree root that they suck sap from with their feeding tube. They remain in the same cavity the entire time they live undergo and during this time they go through 4 instar moults, increasing the size of their cavity as required. They emerge from the ground when changes in the sap and soil temperature indicate it is the appropriate time. The nymphs then borrow upwards and emerge from the soil to climb high on the trunk of the tree that has feed them and undergo their final install moult into adulthood and sexual maturity. 2.DEBARKING TREE

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