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Understanding visible light

Efforts to understand light as an electromagnetic resonance and what is occurring between the trees and the light as they photosynthesis

Feynman diagrams to explain probability of electron (and positron) momentum following interaction with virtual photons -

Some questions -

  • trees absorb red and some blue light waves for photosynthesis and have trees created the biosphere or has biosphere (earth's atmosphere) affected trees photosynthesis?

  • when a photon hits a tree's leaf the photon is absorbed as one particle?

  • trees absorb only red and blue light waves for photosynthesis

  • the green of the leaf is the part of light spectrum not absorbed so is that a different photon energy packet released by the leaf or is it photons bouncing off the leaf?

  • When I perceive the green of the leaf it is photons travelling from the leaf through air to my eyes - once received by the matter of my eyes is this the end of the photon?

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