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MFA, May 2-9 2021

Te Tiriti Workshop, Stitching pieces for crit, Preparing for Journal writing, Application for Funding, One-on-one with Julieanna.


Attending the Te Tiriti o Waitangi workshop was an important experience for me and to work directly with the treaty, reading its words, and have the instructor offer his understanding from a Maori perspective. It allowed me to appreciate the confusion in the two versions (English and Te Reo) and the blatant criminal actions of the laws passed by a pakeha government to subjugate indigenous Maori and take their land.


It continues ... I have taken over the dining room table for the past month and have developed a way to pull large swaths of thread from one side of the paper to the other without tearing or knotting. It is necessary to remain soft in the body and to pull the thread gently and slowly to avoid twisting and I have set up a system of pins to separate and direct the thread so that it doesn't tangle, which is similar to the way thread is arranged on a sewing machine.

With each work I am more experimental. In the beginning I kept the edges contained to create a rectangle. Now I am playing with figure-ground shifts as the edges blur and colour treatment is more playful. Grids are layered on top of each other and surprising patterns appear.


Welcome to your Arts Grants 2020/21 Round 8 application.

  • What: the idea

  • How: the process

  • Who: the people

  • How Much: the budget

  • Support Material

  • Sign


Spoke with Julieanna about what I intended to display and how. She offered some good comments on considering the atmosphere of the installation eg. movement of paper, hanging technique and equipment, inside or outside and the feeling of the basement room. Lots to think about as a clumsy hanging system would detract from the appreciation of the installation.


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