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Art Studio, Week 10 Sept 28-Oct 2

Artmaking and preparing for Exposure


This week I am revisiting the process of de-barking the pohutukawa wood, as I was unhappy with its presentation at the Observing the Absurd Exhibition in Thomas King Observatory. The process of removing the bark is akin to the process of the cicada moulting and ties into the Summer Skin series I am hoping to present at the Exposure exhibition end of year.

We changed the arrangement of artist studios and as a result I have ended up next to Izzy. We installed our work and it seems very sympathetic to each others...

I am preparing my materials for the Exposure exhibition but still unsure of how I will present them. T24 space is booked for Mon-Tues next week so I will experiment then and Raul, Shannon and Richard will hopefully come visit me and offer advice.

ARTISTS INSPIRATION Lee Ufan, Relatum 1971-2011

Now why didn't I think of this!!

Or this... Andy Goldsworthy

Sycamore leaves edging the roots of a sycamore tree, Hampshire, 1 November 2013

Tree Fall, 2013

Constructed from a eucalyptus tree combined with clay derived from surrounding land.



Some drawings of bark and tree


Still making lots of clay vessels - trying for 100


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