Mountain to Sea : MFA Massey University (2021)

This installation is a response to Kelcy Taratoa's artwork Silence, in the Bartley & Co exhibition Recalibrate. The material used is collected from my local beach. Like Kelcy's work, mine describes my daily walks along the beach.

Summer Skin : Exposure, Massey University (2020)

Despite the efforts of COVID-19 to interrupt the study year, life has continued and here is some of my postgraduate work during 2020 which focuses on the narrative of discarded natural materials from my local area. 


In the first semester I explored the materiality of pohutukawa stamen and wood collected from the felling of two 110-year-old trees at St Alban’s Anglican church in Eastbourne. The socially engaged artwork which resulted, allowed the trees to be commemorated by the parish, explore their relationship with their environment, express emotions and unite the community. This led to a further inquiry into the planting of 1,000s of pohutukawa along the shores of Te Whanganui-a-Tara and its colonisation as forests became farms. 


During the second semester at Massey, I have followed the narrative of discarded cicada moultings collected during the summer of 2020. Using sound recordings by Charles Fleming, macro photography (with generous help from Massey technician, Peter Miles) and poetry I have delighted in discovering so much about Aotearoa's unique cicada species and their biological processes. 

This experience has given me a deeper appreciation of the value of art to society and a curiosity in the inter-relationship between art and science. Arts ability to focus on inner feeling, creative problem solving and new interpretations of understanding the world we live in, are things I would like to explore.

See my blog for more information about the artmaking process.

Fine Arts Exhibition : Massey University (2019)

This is some of the work made while studying for a graduate diploma at Massey. These installations explore formalism and are created using base materials (cardboard boxes and plastic cups) which led to an investigation into branding and consumerism. 

Form+Grid Installation : Massey University (2019)

This is my first effort in Art Studio at Massey. Here, formalism is explored by deconstructing rectangular cardboard boxes and the grid...however what I learnt was that branding interrupted the reading of the form! 

Advanced Diploma Exhibition : The Learning Connexion (2018)

Here are some photographs of my work from the Advanced Diploma term 4 2018...two fantastic years of learning about play... loved every minute of it and would recommended it to anyone and everyone!

Ceramics : Pinched Pots Series (2016)

I enjoy making pinched pots. They are simple to create and the feeling of moulding and shaping a pot with air enclosed is a tactile delight. These pinched pots are made from white raku clay and burnished.

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