Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts, Massey University (2020)

Despite efforts of COVID-19 to interrupt the study year, this is some of my postgraduate work during 2020. I collected discarded natural summer materials from my local area, and by engaging with their materiality and narrative, was surprised by the artworks that emerged - socially engaged practices, woodwork, gold leaf, photography, mould making and 3-d printing.

Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts, Massey University (2019)

This is some of the work made while studying for a graduate diploma at Massey. These installations explore formalism and are created using base materials (cardboard boxes and plastic cups) which led to an investigation into branding and consumerism. 

Form+Grid Installation (2019)

This is my first effort in Art Studio at Massey. Here, formalism is explored by deconstructing rectangular cardboard boxes and the grid...however what I learnt was that branding interrupted the reading of the form! 

Advanced Diploma Exhibition (2018)

Here are some photographs of my work from the Advanced Diploma term 4 2018...two fantastic years of learning about play... loved every minute of it and would recommended it to anyone and everyone!

Ceramics : Pinched Pots Series (2016)

I enjoy making pinched pots. They are simple to create and the feeling of moulding and shaping a pot with air enclosed is a tactile delight. These pinched pots are made from white raku clay and burnished.

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Suzy Costello clay pinched pot 3, left side