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Glass Sculpture

Materiality of Glass (2018)

This glass piece has been made using the wax divested during the mould making process. The wax off cast was further worked on to create a back that would refract light.

Collection of Piwakawaka (2016)

These colourful glass piwakawaka (fantails) began as a piece of styrofoam. Getting a piece to its final glass form is full of processes - first a shape made, mould made, wax worked on, another mould made, cooked in the kiln and then maybe hours, days or weeks of polishing. Glass is just time consuming. But the resulting form’s translucency is so worth it.

Most people sculpting forms in glass appreciate the importance of simplicity … I realise why now.  Here is the glass male torso. The female is currently being formed ... these will be the only two complex shapes I will ever do in glass!

Glass Torsos (2016)

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