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Pinched pots series

I enjoy making pinched pots. They are simple to create and the feeling of moulding and shaping a pot with air enclosed is a tactile delight. These pinched pots are made from white raku clay and burnished.

Japanese Lithography Series : polyester plate lithography
Ten years on from a trip to Japan, I thought it would be nice to present my husband with a book of images from his holiday.  This involved lithography and what a learning curve it turned out to be! Materials and techniques used were polyester plate lithography, Flint oil inks and Kozo paper sourced from Fine Art Papers Supplies

Coloured Block Series : mono prints using Akua inks
This series celebrates colour mixing.  No matter how many times I mix primary colours it is always a delight to discover the shades of secondary colours that appear.  The Akua inks that I've used have a wonderful intensity of pigment.

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