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Suzy Costello  sculptor  printmaker

Suzy is a New Zealand artist who enjoys printmaking and sculpting in a variety of materials.


She is studying for a Master in Fine Arts at Massey University with a focus on installations that explore the dynamic qualities of space where our movements and memories are embodied as non-linear relational experiences. 

The significance of Suzy's place and space in Aotearoa New Zealand is at the heart of her artmaking practice and Te Whanganui-a-Tara's beech forested mountains and sea offer endless inspiration. It is hoped Suzy's art can give voice to this unique place in the world.


Here   I am


this is personal

an exploration


I am the lived body

and the living body

intertwining in a now of temporal textures


a moment of becoming

in a topology of fractals

that will never repeat

this topography is my∼our space

our place


Mountain, Forest, and Sea   Suzy Costello 2021

Land is You are I am


me and you

let’s discover these temporal

textures of here and now

the dynamics of outer and inner

shared and flowing between us

re-constituting like parts


and woven together

across the broken symmetry of time

anticipated futures

retained pasts

exist here

nested in this primal now

buried within the land

that feeds us



Impressions of Forest   Suzy Costello 2021

Excerpts from Nested Nows by Suzy Costello