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Suzy Costello  
sculptor  printmaker

I am a New Zealand artist who enjoys conceptual art installation, printmaking, and sculpting.


My art practice explores the dynamic qualities of space where our movements and memories are enactively embodied. 

The significance of place is at the heart of my artmaking and Te Whanganui-a-Tara's beech forested mountains and sea offer endless inspiration. I hope my art gives voice to Aotearoa's unique place in the world.

an entanglement

i am you are we are

entangling in this moment of becoming


an assemblage of fractals 

a nesting of nows


sculpting our topography

forest tree me us

lived and living bodies 


sharing merging flowing 
across the broken symmetry of time
and space

futures and pasts are held in this now

impermanence and emergence

buried in Land that feeds us


Northern Forest of East Harbour Regional Park. Suzy Costello 2022

Permanent resonance:
an artistic exploration of interspecies embodiment between a forest, trees & humans

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