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Suzy Costello  
sculptor  printmaker

I am a New Zealand artist who enjoys making conceptual art, printmaking, and sculpting.


Through art, I explore how movement and memory allow us to embody space and place through notions of the living and lived body. 

Inspired by the peacefulness when walking amongst Aotearoa's beech forested mountains, my art invites us to quietly reflect on this shared world of trees and humans 'being together'.

i am you are we are

entangling in this moment
of becoming


assemblages of fractals 

nesting in nows

topologies sculpting topographies

across time and space

lived and living bodies sharing
merging flowing futures and pasts
all here 

in this now
buried in La
nd that feeds

impermanence and emergence



Northern Forest of East Harbour Regional Park. Suzy Costello 2022

Permanent Resonance: an artistic exploration of interspecies embodiment between a forest, trees & humans

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